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September 7 2012

Apple and Orangutans: Apes Found to be Enamored with iPads

The comparisons between orangutans and humans are undeniable and multifaceted – they can recognize themselves in a mirror, they have hairlines (that recede, just like ours), they share 97% of our genetic code, and the males tend to be sociable only during mating (we kid). And now, zookeepers across the U.S. and Canada have discovered, both species share a technological fascination, too. For orangutans, playing with iPad apps appears to be as popular among the apes as it is with humans.

As part of a program called Apps for Apes, launched by New York based not-for-profit Orangutan Outreach, 12 zoos across North America have incorporated playing on donated iPads as part of the orangutans’ mental enrichment time.

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