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Astraea Magazine

Astraea Magazine

'Astraea Magazine & Web Radio' is an online source for information on History, Philosophy and Science in modern literature. From this site you can obtain and download:

*Thought provoking web radio shows featuring interviews by former BBC announcer Guy Leigh with famous authors and private researchers from around the world.

*A PDF format magazine with interesting articles from renowned International writers.

Sub Rosa Ezine magazine

Sub Rosa Ezine magazine

June 2005

The Daily Grail has announced the launch of Sub Rosa, a free download magazine in PDF format. Greg Taylor is Editor-in-Chief. The layout, all tastefully arranged by Art Director, Mark James, utilises beautiful graphic layouts and even insert videos.

In this first issue Robert Schoch discusses the age of the Sphinx controversy, the Yonaguni 'monument', and Dr. Zahi Hawass. There is also a profile on Terence McKenna, Stuart Hameroff's quantum consciousness, Donnie Darko, columns from notables and much more besides.

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