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Earth’s capture of the moon c.2000bc
By Gary Gilligan

Ancient Calendars: The Birth of Civilization

It is a fact that ancient cultures from both sides of the globe initially devised a solar calendar. Then, after a long period of time, the solar-lunar calendar was developed. What is very difficult to understand is… if the Sun and Moon were both present throughout mankind’s development, how is it possible that the Moon was initially ignored in favor of the Sun? It doesn’t fit!

Historians and scholars do not appear to have taken into account the fact that this is not the way even the most primitive of minds would work when devising a calendar. Consider the following:

Take away 5,000 years of science and put yourself in their environment.

You are living off the land in a small community at the mercy of the elements. To survive you require food and shelter. A basic calendar is required for husbandry and farming. Knowing when to plant to enable you to reap the best rewards. Upon observing the heavens, you deduce that the seasons coincide with the heavenly movements of the Sun and Moon. Now this is the unbelievable part - bearing in mind that the Sun would pale into insignificance and seem like a natural phenomenon next to the awe-inspiring phases of the Moon, you totally ignore the Moon in favor of the Sun!

I propose that the ancients did not ignore the Moon - it was simply not there to ignore! Solar calendars appeared first because the Sun was the only major ‘God’ in the heavens by which to monitor the seasons.

My research methods are unorthodox as far as academic expectations go, as I take a child like and lateral analysis of things instead of slavishly following preconceived ideas at the expense of missing the most obvious explanations.

A revelation? No it’s just a start in support my theory of past planetary chaos and Earth’s capture of the Moon in circa 2000bc.

Many revelations will follow... revelations that will blow history out of the water!

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