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Earth’s capture of the moon c.2000bc
By Gary Gilligan

Venus Laussel

The Venus Laussel ( is carved into the wall of a limestone rock shelter named Laussel. It is dated to c. 20,000-18,000 BC. So we have to rely on a prehistoric carving dating back 18,000 years as an example. But there is no choice as nothing else comes close! This fact in itself lends further credence to my theory!

Clearly the V.L. female reproductive anatomy has been exaggerated and it is therefore believed that it was a fertility symbol. The crescent shaped bison’s horn, which she holds in her right hand, has thirteen notches. Some scholars believe this represents the 13 menstrual cycles and by association the 13 lunar months in a solar year and have thus concluded that it is lunar in character.

But not all scholars agree. Some consider the 13 notches to be merely coincidental or stylistic in character. Let us assume for a moment that the notches do represent 13 cycles of fertility. The moon’s phases consist of almost 13 cycles in a year (12.38 to be exact). Although the connection with the Moon is plausible, there is a much simpler explanation: the 13 notches simply represent the thirteen 28 day menstrual cycle within a Solar year (365.25 divided by 28 days = 13.04). This would align fertility rites with the Sun, and not the Moon.

It is my belief that the solar year consisted of 360 days (prior to around 2,000bc.). Using this number we are closer to the number 13 without the Moon than the original calculation (360 divided by 28 = 12.86 cycles). But we are splitting hairs here and none of this could be considered to be conclusive. It is a very ‘grey area’ which could be used to support or debunk many different theories. I consider the very fact that there are these enormous grey areas in connection with the Moon to lend further support to my theory.

In addition, in depicting the Moon and its cycles, would not the Full Moon have served as a natural cyclical starting point, rather than the crescent shape?

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