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Megaliths, Shamen & the City Builders – the hidden connections (cont.)
By Lucy Wyatt

Snakes Communicating With DNA

So, now we have all the ingredients. There remains one more piece of the jigsaw to add – what was it that the pharaoh was communicating with? Who were the netr, the Egyptian gods? Were they sometimes giant snakes? And is it just coincidence that an Egyptian word for gods Netr compares with a proto-Indo-European word for snake *netr (Latin = natrix; Old Irish = nathir; Old English = naeddre, where it then becomes ‘adder’). Is that the reason that Thoth aka Hermes is associated with the twin snakes of the caduceus?

Some research which is relevant here is the modern experience of Jeremy Narby which he describes in his book the Cosmic Serpent.vii He travelled to the Peruvian Amazon in 1985 in order to study a native community, the Quirishari, as part of his PhD in anthropology from Stanford University.

Here he undertook a shamanic experience using the ayahuasca vine in which a pair of enormous snakes communicated with him. What particularly struck Narby was the visual parallel between the image of entwined snakes such as in the caduceus and that of the double helix of DNA.

Figure: Thoth as Hermes with caduceus

Narby then came to the fascinating conclusion that the parallel was more than visual: it was actual. Shamen, he concluded, were communicating at the level of molecular biology, of DNA itself. He was surprised to discover in the technical literature that the shape of the double helix of DNA is ‘most often described as a ladder … or a spiral staircase’, which compares with the worldwide frequent references made to climbing a ladder during a shamanic trance.

Narby thus discovered how native people acquired their knowledge of medicinal plants. These plants were often highly toxic and required critical special preparation before use – otherwise they would kill you before you had chance to experiment with them and find out their healing properties. Native people knew precisely which plants to choose out of ‘80,000 Amazonian plant species’. And the means by which they knew this non-empirical knowledge, he was told and personally experienced, was through shamanism.

Pharaohs – Sophisticated Shamen

What the pharaohs of ancient Egypt were doing was much more sophisticated than the Peruvian jungle version. And knowing the importance of gold to the whole process also explains why civilisation appears to start in mountains: that is where the gold is. The point about Catal Huyuk and why the storerooms were better constructed than the human dwellings was because Catal Huyuk was part of a supply chain of emporia to support operations elsewhere in the mountains which were more important than how the locals lived.

Mesopotamia had no gold reserves and yet its ancient name of ki-en-gi translates as ‘Land where Gold is King’. Mesopotamian gold came from the aptly named Golden Crescent. What made the hairs stand on the back of my neck was when I realised that the sites where the earliest pottery was found in the Golden Crescent are near gold mines and important routes for gold.

It should now be clear that the links between megaliths (the ability to move massive stones weighing 50 tons or more over vast distances, hundreds of miles) shamen (wise men who can take their souls on journeys for the benefit of others at great personal risk to themselves) and the original cities are all integral to each other.

The reason why we don’t realise any of this is because of the barrier that Greeks and Romans have created for us. A barrier that grew even greater after the Romans came under the influence of a monotheistic religion we call Christianity – from the C4th AD onward. I would personally argue that it was at that point that civilisation collapsed and that we have been living in the Dark Ages ever since, struggling to reconnect with the original archetype that appeared in the Bronze Age over 5,000 years ago.

vii - The Cosmic Serpent, DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, Jeremy Narby, Phoenix, Orion Books Ltd, London 1999

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