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Megaliths, Shamen & the City Builders – the hidden connections (cont.)
By Lucy Wyatt

Alchemy & The Solar Bread

If this was a shamanic experience, was the Hetep meal the means by which the pharaoh brought on a trance? A significant element of the meal was the solar bread. And there are references to the solar bread in the pyramid texts. One Pyramid Text, which Naydler describes as an ‘enigmatic food spell’, is an utterance for the offering bread to ‘fly up’.

So what was the solar bread? This essential ingredient of the Hetep meal clearly had special properties. This is when the story gets really interesting. It is at this point that the Greeks, through whom we know as much as we do, got confused. What they confused was a process with an outcome: as a result we know about the process without being aware of its purpose and that process was what we call ‘alchemy’.

Have we been misled about alchemy? Maybe alchemy isn’t the changing of another metal into gold, or even a spiritual transformation, but the purification of gold to achieve an even purer gold [the 4,000 year old Mesopotamian Golden Ram caught in the thicket – now in the BM - is an example of very pure gold]. There are several methods for achieving purification and one of them is to expose gold to a high electrical charge to remove impurities. It is also possible to use this process to turn this pure gold into a white powder with levitational properties.

Figure: The Golden Ram

The usual source for the word ‘khem’ in ‘alchemy’ doesn’t fit in this context which is the description of Egypt as the ‘black land’. What makes more sense – to me at least – is that what ‘alchemy’ actually means is ‘journey to the fixed stars’, ‘the imperishable northern stars’ – the khemi, the Egyptian word for the fixed stars. And the Egyptians possibly used the levitational properties of the white powder in the form of solar bread as their means of entering a trance.

Because of the Greeks’ misunderstanding, we use the term to identify only one part of the process, the means by which the Egyptians made that journey, the preparation of the gold. The Greeks were ignorant of the outcome, the astral planing to the fixed stars. The circumstantial evidence that confirms my interpretation that the preparation of the gold was key to the whole operation are the links between the solar bread - the substance consumed in the pharaoh’s ritual meal the Hetep - and the cow goddess Hathor.

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