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Megaliths, Shamen & the City Builders – the hidden connections
By Lucy Wyatt

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Approaching Chaos

Approaching Chaos

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Lucy Wyatt

There can be little doubt that our twenty-first century civilization is facing economic, ecological and spiritual meltdown. In this intriguing new book, Lucy Wyatt takes a highly original and relevant look at just what we can do to reverse this very real and potentially disastrous situation. After studying International Relations and Italian at University, Lucy Wyatt went on to work for the National Economic Development Office, then in commercial design and marketing within Sir Terence Conran's empire and followed this by editing a business magazine for a firm of City of London stockbrokers. Lucy Wyatt comes from an illustrious family of mathematicians, architects and writers and herself has a life-long fascination for the ancient past and the political and economic realities of the 'bigger picture'. She lives with her family on an eco-farm in Suffolk, where she puts much of what she has learnt from her research into practice. Approaching Chaos is her first book.

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Megaliths, Shamen & the City Builders – the hidden connections

We all share certain assumptions about the ancient past. There are many commonly held presumptions about megaliths, shamen and city builders. What I want to do in this article is challenge those presumptions; as well as explain what the hidden connections are and why they are hidden. What I am going to do is describe a brief overview of civilisation that goes right back to the end of the Ice Age and so give an alternative interpretation of how living in cities came about – in particular, by exploring the links between megaliths, shamen and city builders. This article is based on research from my book ‘Approaching Chaos’.

The first point to make is that we do not normally link megaliths and shamen with city builders. Indeed, there are no ancient cities associated with well-known megalithic sites in the UK such as Avebury or Stonehenge. If you mention “megalith” to anyone, Avebury or Stonehenge are normally the images that spring to mind; and if you say “shamen” then people think of Peruvian medicine men in the jungle or Mongolians in smoke-filled yurts. Much of what we talk about in the West when we talk about our ancient pagan ‘primitive’ past refers to Nature and nature spirits; sacred groves of oak trees; landscape temples and zodiacs in the landscape; energy lines, rocks and springs. We think of Druids; we think of Stonehenge. It is all wild, elemental and powerful.

We do not think of pharaohs, nor do we think of places like Washington DC - and yet they are all linked.

One reason why we do not make these associations is because of a certain group of people known to us as the Romans. The Romans, along with the Greeks, as the most powerful of all the Indo-European tribes, continue to dominate us in the West. So much of what we understand about the ancient past is mediated through these people: it is filtered through their mindsets, their way of thinking; because we have inherited their languages. As well as giving us our access to the past – because we can learn about life 2,000 years ago by reading the material they left behind -, they also form a barrier.

This may sound bizarre, but the Greeks and Romans themselves did not understand everything about the times they were living in. In fact, they were quite capable of getting it wrong. More particularly, they did not fully understand another group of people we call ‘the Egyptians’ – in spite of living with them for several hundreds of years.

The Greeks of all the Indo-European tribes were those who were closest to the Egyptians and it is mostly through the Greeks that we know as much as we do about ancient Egypt. After the end of the C4th AD even that possibility disappeared and we lost all ability read hieroglyphs. And then so much about Egypt remained mysterious, a closed book.

So what are these connections that have remained hidden for so long?

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