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Godpyre: The Cosmology of North African Paleovolcanism (cont.)
By R. Avry Wilson @2005-2006

Figure 1. Africa during the LGM.

The Younger Dryas Era

Changes in climate are by no means linear, and the global activity encountered during the Younger Dryas is a good example of how the transitional phasing out of an ice age is not strictly a warming trend. This age saw a brief yet noticeable return to cooler and more arid environments lasting for a millennium or so. However, the overall warming of our planet continued unabated, even though temperatures were in a constant state of flux. What brought this age to an end is defined by the cusp event that led directly to what we call the Holocene Era. The apparently normal millennial-long variations were all thrown to the wind when c.11,500 years ago a permanent and acute transition occurred over the course of about 15 years. As temperatures rose near the end of the Younger Dryas, moister climates emerged, in turn giving rise to higher methane expenditure from swamps and other biotic sources [Adams, et. al.: 1999]. While all this was going on, humanity was beginning to experience its first child-steps toward forming civilizations. With increase in population density there was a natural need to form more ordered communities.

The Holocene Era

And so, with a new climatic environment emerging out of the ice age, the stage was set for the advancement of basic society. Thanks to situational boundaries the people of northeastern Africa were exposed to volcanism moreso than if there were no arid phases basically forcing them into these areas. And because a new-found sense of community was developing, there would also have been greater communication, especially replete with curious content in regards to the world they lived in. No doubt this would have included such topics as the Sun and Moon, improved hunting techniques and weapons, and of course the awesome and mysterious forces of nature. As regards the latter, a now millennial-long relationship with volcanoes would surely have found its way into legends.

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