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John Anthony West, Author of the Month for March 2008

Consider the Kali Yuga: Prelude to a new book (cont.)
By John Anthony West

So if there is validity to the concept of the Yuga Cycle just where would we stand? Not in June in Cosmic California, that is for sure! Scan the front page of any daily newspaper in the world and it looks like mid-January: war, terrorism, murder, rape, robbery, scams, famine, disease… chaos everywhere. The greatest military and economic power in recorded history has as its leader an inarticulate, illiterate dunce, himself under the control of a tribe of corporate cannibals. The entire planet is threatened by a gamut of potentially terminal environmental, ecological, medical and military disasters. The institutionalized religions of both East and West (at their ancient best but stunted, pale offshoots of much more robust, earlier root stocks) are barren, distorted, degenerate. Education everywhere is controlled by the priesthood of the Church of Progress forcibly proselytizing its psychotic and spurious doctrine of rationalism/materialism/ secularism (with their largely unmentioned but necessary corollaries of meaninglessness, accident and despair) … and The Four Cowboys of Apocalypse 2.0 (Capitalism, Patriotism, Democracy and Technology) ride out rough shod over the land on white geldings, waving white Stetsons and bringing tidings of comfort and joy. (Sing along, please, you know the tune: Ti-hidings of co-humfort and joy, comfort and joy!)

A good case could be made that it's mid-Kali Yuga, Sekhmet has again been summoned and is already exercising her quondam bloody trade.

Yet despite the horror movie panorama, this could be a misperception. Certainly a cosmic blizzard is blowing, of that there can be no doubt, yet maybe it's March in the cycle and even though it doesn't look that way, spring is on the way; a cycle within a greater cycle, a precessional mini-Ice Age. And deep under the snow the seeds of spring are germinating. The substantial minority of us who aren't trapped in hopeless Third World conditions know that, at the very least, we're not back in the post-Roman Dark Ages - which were pretty dark everywhere around the planet as far as we can determine.

Opposition to the Church of Progress mounts; a positive sign.

And there is one major potentially positive sign that goes generally unrecognized, or rather, gets recognized all right, but is misnamed and grievously misrepresented.

The past three centuries have seen a prodigious flowering of creative energy. Most of it is of course undeniably dedicated to mass destruction (H-bombs, bacteriological/chemical weapons, Star Wars) and mass frivolity (Disneyland, bobblehead dolls, television/Hollywood.) Yet if you stop to think of it, you will acknowledge that even the most nauseating game show or insipid TV commercial requires a huge expenditure of creative energy and technical expertise, ditto for your H-bomb.

Mainstream delusionaries insist upon calling this madness 'Progress', but really, in its standard and ubiquitous manifestation it is just shiny barbarism.

Even so, that standard manifestation is not necessarily a fait accompli, an unalterable condition. The outpouring of creative energy is a fact, an enormous fact! In itself creative energy is neutral, at least in principle. Were all that creative energy directed consciously and constructively things could change. Everywhere … And in a hurry.

Victor Hugo ('notre meilleur poete, helas! - quipped Andre Gide) penned the much quoted phrase, 'There is one thing stronger that all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.'

Good Victorian that he was, Hugo's observation seems aimed only at good ideas, but bad ideas also have their appointed times. Fascism is quite definitely a bad idea, and Darwinian Evolution is another; no matter that this Cargo Cult of the West has hoodwinked most of the scientific community and therefore the rest of the Church of Progress along with it (much more on this anon).

But for better or for worse, when ideas change, everything changes. Of course, getting ideas to change, that is another matter altogether. The codicil to Hugo's line might be, 'And the second strongest thing in the world is an idea whose time has not yet gone.'

Nevertheless, change happens; change is possible. Even today. Even before it is unalterably and unequivocally too late. If only …

Maybe, just maybe, Sekhmet is just growling and flexing her claws and despite all appearances to the contrary, there is still some wiggle room.

It's a thought

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