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Evidence that the Avebury stone circle and its associated monuments show knowledge of past Polar positions
by S. F. Wells

Discussion & Conclusion

So what does it all mean?

Firstly, what are the chances that it is all just coincidence? Well, quite low I think. I have only been interested in three bearings. To the nearest degree that is 3 out of 180 so there is only 1 in 60 chance that any alignment bearing I find will relate to one that I am interested in. However, some bearings I found were out by a few degrees. Allowing +/- 3 as a margin for error that would mean 18 out of 180 bearings were of significance to me. Still only a 1 in 10 chance of a positive result.

Nine bearings were found close to predicted bearings. A chance of 1 in 109 ?

Several of the alignments are very, very close to predicted bearings. That of Avebury circle itself and West Kennet long barrow itself. These monuments are aligned to the Old Yukon pole directly without even needing to find something else to line up with.

Of the others, Silbury to Avebury, Avebury to Windmill and East Kennet to Avebury are all extremely close to a predicted bearing. The fact that Silbury to Avebury would come up within a degree of a predicted bearing at a 1 in 60 chance seems particularly significant as these two are the most visible monuments of the whole complex.

This investigation was started to test the Wilson/Flem-Ath hypothesis or observation that ancient monuments that are relevant to their Atlantis blueprint theory will have alignments or constructions that correlate with previous polar positions and the previous co-ordinates those locations had. In the case of the Avebury monuments it has been shown that there is a lot of evidence that would support this theory.

The fact that the Avebury monuments encapsulate this ancient knowledge does not necessarily mean that they are themselves that old. There is however, a long tradition of sacred sites being taken over by successive generations for their own use. Pagan temples that became Roman temples that became Christian churches for example. It may be that the ancient sighting posts used to pre warn the old civilisation of Polar displacement have been re-used centuries later but that some of the original alignments were maintained out of respect (or fear!).

I believe this paper is the first to propose the nature of a specific relationship between the main Avebury monuments other than the fact that they seem to be contemporary in age. There are other theories on the use of the Avebury circle. Meaden’s view is it is about fertility. Of course this could be the later culture re-interpreting Avebury in their own terms. As I noted earlier there is no explanation for the misalignment of the main circle in this theory, nor is there any explanation of Silbury Hill and the significance of the relative positions of the other monuments.

In conclusion, my theory is that the Avebury monuments were once a Polar displacement measuring station of some sort.

Copyright © S. F. Wells December 2003

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