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The Crop Circle Phenomenon (cont.)
By Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group

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Windmill Hill near Avebury, Wheat, 6 August, 320ft in diameter

This design was considered by many to refer to heavenly bodies. The outer ring had 12 circles, perhaps indicating the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac and/or the Precession of the Equinoxes that takes our planetary system approximately 26,000 years to complete and is due to finish in 2012. The next ring has 9 circles which seemed to refer to our solar system. There are 5 circles in the middle of the design, a number relating to humans. Number 3 is linked to Divinity and the triple dumbbells in the formation could perhaps indicate a divine plan in place that concerns us.

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Picked Hill near Alton Barnes, Wheat, 9 August, 325ft in diameter

This large formation between Woodborough Hill and Picked Hill was impossible to decipher on the ground due to its large size. From above, the design is unequivocally owl like, with two eyes and a beak surrounded by feathers. The owl symbol first made its appearance in the crops last year. It is one of the oldest symbols of the Goddess and in many traditions represented the ability to ‘see in the dark’, the Earth Mother and is also connected to mortuary rites. It’s been found on vases, sculptures and other votive objects going back to Paleolithic times and perhaps before.

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Tidcombe, Wheat, 16 August, 440ft in diameter

The large formation found at Tidcombe had eight points. In many traditions the eight pointed star represents the gateway between the physical and the spiritual. Each of the ‘petals’ are secured to the main circle in the middle by three dots. Three represents the divine. The dumbbells at the tip of the petals are based on two, the number for duality. Could this illustrate that, even from duality, it is possible to reach a higher understanding that would lead to a more spiritual plane?

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