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The Crop Circle Phenomenon (cont.)
By Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group

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Stanton St. Bernard, Wheat, 2 July, 392ft x 330ft

The first hummingbird to arrive in crops, found below Tan Hill, an ancient hill-site dedicated to the goddess Ann (Tan is a derivative of St Anne, the Christianised name of the goddess). The wings are made with 3 lines, (3, number for the Divine), the tail has 5 ‘feathers’ (5, number for human beings), the body sits in an 8 shape, symbol of infinity and DNA. Resting on a circle (symbol of the universe), it is perhaps inviting us to reflect on Ancient Knowledge and on the potential latent in all of us.

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Silbury Hill, Wheat, 5 July, 330ft in diameter

One of the most amazing designs in this most extraordinary season, adding to the great Mayan symbols that have manifested over the years, one in the same field, it resembled what the Aztecs called the feathered serpent – Quetzalcoatl. The old Mayans predicted that their great god Quetzalcoatl would, after a long absence, come back in the new cycle due to begin in 2012. The skull with two eyes, a nose and teeth, can clearly be seen beneath the moon crescent and the twenty eight large feathers that contain Mayan numbers.

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Smeathes Plantation, Wheat, 24 July, 219ft in diameter

Another North American looking symbol found in our fields this year following the ‘Eagles’ formation at Stanton St Bernard of 2 June and the Barbury Castle Thunderbird design of 14 June. Located within the Ogbourne Downs, it could only be accessed on foot after a long walk and a perilous climb down a steep hill. This formation looked as if it was made of fish bones (some western tribes in Canada show skeletons in their Art). It was based on twelve and the style of the design seemed to refer to Mayan knowledge.

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Text ©2009 Francine Blake and Clare Oatley
All photographs ©2009 Olivier Morel.

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