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The Crop Circle Phenomenon (cont.)
By Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group

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Roundway Hill, Oilseed Rape, 29 April, 234ft in diameter

This beautiful design, the fifth of ten patterns in oilseed rape, an unheard number in such an unwieldy medium, was found on 29 April at Roundway. Some people saw it as a representation of the sun but it also resembled a chrysanthemum, a symbol similar in meaning to the lotus which relates to our possibility of accessing higher levels of understanding. Perhaps this is trying to remind us that the evolution of life on this planet is in great part subject to the activities of our sun.

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Clatford near Manton, Oilseed Rape, 4 May, 685ft in length

The largest design ever found in rape in this country, it was just under 700ft long and was located on the side of a hill at Clatford, near Manton not too far from Marlborough. Based on four, it consisted of a series of five celtic crosses including the larger one in the centre, all forming quintuplets. The upward semi-circle at the top is reminiscent of an ancient symbol of the Goddess with her arms upright, not dissimilar to the goddess formation found last year at Honeystreet.

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Yatesbury, Barley, 3 June, 300ft x 205ft

This formation in barley, clearly resembling a dragonfly had astonishing details. Its delicate wings were crisscrossed with little ‘veins’, some finger-wide, and the line of nine circles of decreasing sizes had some beautiful complex swirls. The dragonfly symbolises access to the subconscious and was used as such by the psychologist Carl Jung. Nine represents the completion of a cycle. The additional small circle at the end of the ‘tail’ resembled a comma, perhaps representing the embryo of the next cycle soon to begin.

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