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The Crop Circle Phenomenon (cont.)
By Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group

Allington – 11 July 2009

Another one that made the news. The pretty butterfly design within an 18-point star was reported on 11 July, but before any researchers could photograph it, the land-owner had mowed a ring inside – cutting the points off the butterfly wings. The local newspaper reported that visitors from Norway heard shots fired by a masked man reportedly hired to keep people off the land. This story in itself was shocking enough, but what the local press didn’t report was that while the armed man was ‘on guard’ the tips of the butterfly’s wings were re-shaped and small circles added around the star as can be seen in the picture above.

Morgan’s Hill –2 August 2009

After the initial report came in about the appearance of this unusual square formation, it was followed by further rumours that the landowner was not happy for visitors to enter it. The design was lying directly below the Wansdyke, one of the largest man-made bank and ditch earthworks in the UK, and was laid within an old square farming enclosure, a square within a square. It was a beautiful pattern but as can be seen from the photograph below, the farmer didn’t warm to the idea of visitors!

The Rollright Stones – 3 August 2009

Based here in Wiltshire, although always amazed at the appearance of crop circles, we are not surprised when they come in close vicinity to some of our most sacred ancient sites; the stone circles of Avebury for example being within walking distance of seven formations this year. The design above however on the Oxforshire/Warwickshire border, is adjacent to another ancient monument, The Rollright Stones. Like other stone circles, it is said to have been placed where a number of ley lines cross and legend has it that it is impossible to count the stones accurately.

Martinsell near Oare 19th July 2009

Unusually this formation seemed to have missed its mark. It was described by some as incomplete, but was this the case? The wheat field in which the formation appeared bordered a pasture of wild plants where the design did not continue (as we have seen on occasion in the past). The design seemed to have slipped under the dull field into the golden light of wheat. The fractal resembles a galaxy or a series of galaxies but one arm is incomplete; another one even less so perhaps indicating that creation is a continuous process.

West Overton – 8th August 2009

On the weekend of 8th & 9th August during our 14th Summer Crop Circle Conference in Marlborough, reports drifted in of a new formation close by. Many conferees made plans to go and visit it, but they would have to be quick. The landowner mowed two lines through it before it was fully harvested two weeks later. Fortunately some overhead pictures had been taken and it turned out to be not as simple as first thought. Each of the three central circles had a different pattern of lay. From left to right in the picture above, the first circle resembles a flower with wavy lines of wheat creating the petal shapes. The middle circle shows a basket weave and the final one on the right has the crop laid in opposite directions in concentric circles creating contrast between the rings.

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Text ©2009 Francine Blake and Clare Oatley
All photographs ©2009 Olivier Morel.

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