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Gravity Breakthrough: Springing into a Gravitational Revolution (cont.)
By Roland Michel Tremblay

A Verifiable Revolution in our Understanding of Gravity

But why concern ourselves with this hanging spring issue in a deep-space elevator, especially if we already know that Einstein’s Principle of Equivalence and General Relativity theory are widely accepted today, and supposedly even proven by highly sophisticated experiments? The reason is because this very same hanging spring experiment can be performed by anyone - by simply suspending a well-known spring toy from one end, showing that gravity on Earth behaves precisely as in Einstein’s original space-elevator inspiration, and not as in either Newton’s “gravitational force” theory or Einstein’s equivalent “warped space-time” General Relativity theory. This simple experiment shows a hanging spring with an unequal distribution - here on Earth - which could only occur if it were continually accelerated upward from its suspended end, and not stretched uniformly by an attracting “gravitational force” or equivalent “space-time warping”.

This further shows why no solid scientific explanation for the operation of Newton’s proposed attracting force has ever been settled upon, and nor has its apparently endless power source ever been identified or explained. This also means that Einstein’s efforts to mirror Newtonian gravitational theory in his General Relativity theory are equally verifiably in error, and that the experiments presented as proof were conceived and designed such that their claimed “success” actually constitutes no particularly meaningful result at all.

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