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Gravity Breakthrough: Springing into a Gravitational Revolution (cont.)
By Roland Michel Tremblay

The Erroneous “Principle of Equivalence”

Einstein claimed that all experiences and experiments occurring inside a constantly accelerating elevator moving upward in deep space - far from any gravitational influence - would be indistinguishable from them occurring under the influence of Newtonian gravity on Earth. This claim is known as the Principle of Equivalence, and forms the cornerstone of gravitational physics in today’s science; however, the simple spring experiments just discussed can be used to show that this is an erroneous claim, with enormous implications for our understanding of gravity.

Similar to the left-frame tabletop experiment above, a hanging spring on Earth should have two opposing forces distributed across it, equally spreading its coils - the force of gravity pulling downward and the restraining force that effectively pulls upward. However, as in the right-frame of the above tabletop experiment, a spring attached to the ceiling of Einstein’s continually accelerating deep-space elevator, far from Earthly gravity, should exhibit the unequal coil distribution of a spring pulled from only one end:

So, this shows that Einstein’s claimed “Principle of Equivalence” between Newtonian gravity and pure acceleration in deep space must be wrong - the effect of being accelerated upward in space must differ from an attracting force emanating from a planet. If Einstein had remained faithful to his original “space elevator” inspiration, rather than developing his General Relativity theory for equivalence to Newton, he would have produced a new understanding of gravitational physics that clearly differed from Newton’s, and which could be easily tested by a simple hanging spring experiment. Instead, Einstein effectively abandoned his space-elevator inspiration in favor of a mistaken “Principle of Equivalence” to Newton, and a related “warped space-time” proposal for the physics of gravity in his General Relativity theory.

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