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Breakthrough in Faster-Than-Light Travel and Communication, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) (cont.)
By Roland Michel Tremblay

Much More to Come

This new understanding rethinks everything, showing that even space travel is no longer limited by Einstein’s claimed "speed of light limit". Such apparent limits from particle accelerator evidence simply stem from our misunderstanding of the true nature and behavior of the accelerating "magnetic and electric field energy". These "energy" fields are actually fields of expanding subatomic particles which, by nature, expand at the speed of light, hence particles in these accelerators could never possibly go faster when powered by such means. Also, apart from the practical propulsion challenges, the fact that our spacecraft have never come close to light-speed has nothing to do with such a speed limit in nature, but is more because we haven't truly tried since we believe today’s light-speed myths.

Source: ESO

The power-source violations of the "law of conservation of energy" by gravity, magnetism, and many other observations also now vanish. “Quantum mechanics” is as a mere fanciful model for a much simpler physical manifestation of expanding subatomic matter, suggesting viable and simple new advances toward detecting entire networks of intelligent faster-than-light extraterrestrial communication conducted along existing starlight. Gone are the physical mysteries and confusion of “quantum entanglement” and “quantum paradoxes”, which, it turns out, never were true physical mysteries at all, but mere human misconceptions of a far simpler physical reality right under our noses. The need for communication satellites circling the globe may well now be a thing of the past, and real-time robotic “virtual reality” exploration of distant moons and planets could be a reality for us, controlled instantaneously from here on Earth.

Is such a revolution worth studying, considering how many billions we are spending today on telecommunication research, quantum computers, satellites, SETI and other technology? I think so.

For more information about this new revolution in science, read my previous article Expansion Theory - Our Best Candidate for a Final Theory of Everything

Mark McCutcheon is author of “The Final Theory: Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy”. For more information and further reading on Expansion Theory, visit

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