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Breakthrough in Faster-Than-Light Travel and Communication, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) (cont.)
By Roland Michel Tremblay

Clearing it All Up

So, what is the centuries-old misunderstanding in our science? As mentioned earlier, it turns out to be a simple misunderstanding of the nature of matter and energy. Today we think of matter as passive lumps of mass, with various ethereal energy phenomena actively driving everything. But what if, instead, it is matter itself that is active both atomic and subatomic matter and there are no separate “energy” phenomena at all?

The simplest example of this is a rethink of gravity, where all atoms actively expand very slowly and in unison. Nothing would appear any different over time, but standing on an enormous expanding planet means we would certainly feel this expansion beneath us as a force pushing upward under our feet. Also, held objects would feel heavy as we essentially carried them along with us while being pushed upward, and would appear to be pulled to the ground when released, actually allowing the expanding planet to strike them instead. All objects would have to “fall” at the same rate, regardless of mass, which is precisely what does occur. Tossed objects would similarly appear pulled to the ground in curving paths that extend further the faster they are tossed, eventually never reaching the ground at all, but continuing around the planet in a continual orbit if tossed fast enough.

Quantum Entanglement Explained and a Communications Revolution Revealed

Today’s science explains quantum entanglement as an experimental observation where two photons from the same light source travel together, then are sent on two separate paths yet apparently maintain a mysterious link with each other. Thus, if one is later altered (such as a change in polarization), the other is instantaneously altered in the same fashion no matter how far apart they may be. This is considered a mysterious faster-than-light communication between two “entangled photons”.

However, with the new understanding, the nature of light is radically changed from separate photons fired through space, to continuous beams of expanding subatomic-matter clusters that our eyes detect to generate the experience of color and brightness. In this case, this is not an experiment with two photons exhibiting mysterious “quantum entanglement”, but merely two separate unseen continuous beams of expanding matter clusters physically connected back to where they were split from one initial beam. Then the more likely explanation of the “entanglement” effect is that an influence altering one beam is conducted along this continuous span of unseen physically connected matter clusters to affect the other.

And, since vibrations in solid objects travel faster the denser the material, the speed of conduction through the extremely dense span of such subatomic-matter clusters in light may well be extremely rapid even far exceeding the speed of light. The “entanglement” experiments appear to suggest this possibility of conducting signals along beams of light at speeds that so far appear to be instantaneous, providing a practical possibility for faster-than-light communication.

Crucially, advanced species would likely use such communication along existing beams of starlight rather than generating light or radio waves and waiting for them to physically cross space at the relatively slow speed of light. An analogy for the difference between these two signal-transmission methods can be seen in the desktop toy with a line of hanging metal spheres suspended next to one another, often called Newton’s Cradle. When one sphere is pulled back then released to swing and strike the others, a sphere at the far end is immediately ejected. A long line of such spheres would allow transmission of such a signal to the far end in this manner far faster than it would take for a single sphere to swing that same distance on its own.

Likewise, the new understanding suggests we might develop ways to look for such rapidly conducted signals hidden within existing starlight that already connects us with the distant stars, rather than today’s method of looking for conventional light-speed signals as embedded features that move along with the beam. There could well be a hidden interstellar Newton’s Cradle-style internet all around us, awaiting any civilization that reaches this fundamental understanding of matter and energy. We could also find a way to conduct such a signal within the light of our own sun, revolutionizing telecommunications in the process.

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