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The Tortuguero Prophecy Unravelled (cont.)
By Geoff Stray

Charles Muses has described a nine-step ritual movement called he Pace of Yu, [28] which relates to the nine components of hexagram 63 of the I Ching (three yang lines and six yin semi-lines). Hexagram 63 is, surprisingly the climax of the series, rather than hexagram 64. It means "climax and after; equilibrium achieved". It is an encoded form of transmitting knowledge of the "nine cauldrons of transformation" in which are brewed nine ingredients for the elixir of immortality. These are called the "nine numinous jewels". The cauldrons are also called the "nine cranial palaces" that resonate to the seven (plus two hidden) stars of Ursa Major. Muses says the process is governed by the Goddess, so again, we have nine, the Goddess and the cauldron as a key to transformation to a higher state. The process describes a sacred pregnancy - the germination and nurture of an embryonic immortalised self.

Hexagram 63 of the I Ching and its nine parts that correlate to the Pace of Yu, and the Eye of Horus with its fracional components that give 63/64

Muses says hexagram 63 means "journeying across the great stream of time and death into a region of harmony". This reminds us of what the Bolon Yokte have in store for us upon their "descent" in 2012 - their discourse will be on the after death state. Since, like the Taoists, the Egyptians also had a "soulcraft" technology, this idea complex may be associated with the Eye of Horus, as the various components of it were hieroglyphs for measuring volume and time. They add to 63/64, and there is one myth in which Horus gave his eye to Osiris to help him rule in the netherworld.

Alberto Villoldo has recently announced that he is giving a series of nine Peruvian initiations or rites called the Munay-Ki. [29] They are "nine healing gates" that allow a conquering of fear and a ""clearing of psychic sludge left by past traumas" in order to transform the energy field and communicate with Luminous Beings and to allow aspirants to start the process of change towards becoming Homo luminous. The rites are said to be specially to prepare for 2012, when the Andean priests, or Paqos of the Qero people - direct descendants of the Incas - say that Taripay Pacha will start - the "Age of Meeting Ourselves Again", according to Juan Nunez del Prado. When the three worlds - hanaq pacha, kay pacha and ukhu pacha (overworld, middleworld and underworld) will converge. Villoldo is the only source on the Munay-Ki, so I don't know how genuine it is. However, it does seem a very good fit for the pattern that we have revealed here.


The Maya myths tell of a descent of heroes to an underworld of six houses to conquer the Lords of Death and to conquer their own fears, but other Maya myths mention an underworld of nine levels, that relate to the Nine Lords of the Night. The latest studies by Maya epigraphers indicate that these Night Lords are the same as the God of Nine Steps (Bolon Yokte) who is set to descend at the next Creation in 2012, and that these nine gods relate to the germination phases of maize, human individuals and the human species evolutionary quantum leap. We have seen that all across the world, the number nine is associated with the underworld, and trips into the underworld to confront what turn out to be our own demons, then trips upward to heaven in a pilgrimage of the soul towards an enlightened state.

The various myths around the number nine seem to boil down to three main themes:

1. Healing the Wounded King: A descent to the Underworld of Nine levels; a confrontation with inner violence, rage, fear; at the deepest level, a divine connection is regained, leading to healing and rejuvenation.

2. Ascent to the Ninth Heaven: Consciousness rises through Nine spheres; Shiva and Shakti unite; the Goddess returns leading to a whole-mind integration of right and left brains.

3. Cyclic Return of the Gods: A Golden Age will return, governed by precession: circa 2012, our inner cauldrons will be activated along with the germination process of a subtle body that can survive in a post-mortem state.

In other words, to put it in a nutshell, in 2012, or thereabouts, according to the evidence presented here, something will trigger a confrontation with our shadow selves at a time of social and environmental upheaval; the Kundalini evolutionary energy will be awakened; there will be an integration of sub-personalities as we enter an enlightened state, accompanied by expanded perceptions, the generation of a plasma body, and contact beyond the physical spectrum. Then the Golden Age will begin….

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