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Martian Cataclysm: Impact energy analysis in support of the origin of multiple anomolies on Mars (cont.)
by Gary R. Spexarth

10. Conclusion.

Are we sure we understand the cloudy past of Mars? Are we sure we are not making profound mistakes in our assumptions? At one time we were so sure that the Earth was flat, then we were convinced that the Earth was the center of the universe, then we were sure that the Sun was the center of the universe. And now we are "sure" that the features of Mars were formed from geological processes and the surface has been dead for over 3 billion years…

This paper has just laid out an alternative, cataclysmic history of Mars, one in which the implications are profound.

We must explore Mars and challenge our current perceived truths! Only then will we unlock its secrets! The answers that we find may be more surprising than we could ever imagine!

Appendix I (pdf)

Appendix II (pdf)

Appendix III (pdf)

Author: Gary R. Spexarth

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