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Science versus Religion (cont.)
By Harry Sivertsen & Steve Redman

So why the tales of boats? There is little invention without good reason. Rain came from the skies hence the source was a heavenly ocean as noted in the Genesis account, after all no-one had observed water going upwards, rain fell from the skies; the heavens pivoted around the pole star [the seat of creation], and when this moved the heavenly ocean was disturbed, a heavenly flood. A heavenly ocean meant the gods or lights in the sky needed boats to get around and they had to move about to organise a new heavenly creation, a new constellation with its pole star in place. All is astronomical, even the 40 days and nights of rain is in fact a reference to loss of view of the Pleiades, as recorded by classical authors and the date of the flood so described can be ascertained to the day…20 days prior to the vernal equinox 2300BC. The New Year commenced at the first new moon after the winter solstice meaning the count of days given in Genesis for this description is correct.

This flood has had great influence as Noah’s 'boat’, a strange rock formation on Mount Nisir in Turkey, precisely where the Chaldean legend states it is to be found [the region is now known as Durupinar after the Turkish flier who photographed the formation] was surveyed in antiquity as well as recently and it was emulated within the pyramid of Khufu, albeit in a scaled down fashion. The funerary boat of Khufu has its length the same as the width or beam of the mythical boat of the gods in Turkey and this is not a coincidence, it is a very odd measure.

So as it was observed that all revolved around the pole star, the pole of the ecliptic was not understood when the flood tale was developed, it was a logical assumption that if the pivoting point was knocked out of place then all would run amok. As there was a celestial ocean from which came rain, any travelling in the heavenly realms would by necessity be by boat. The sun travelled in a boat pulled by fish in Egyptian lore, boats appear in Indian lore where Varuna is afloat in the vessel in a similar fashion to Ra although here there is mention of oars and it is notable that while Ra’s boat is towed by a fish, so also is that of Manu. There is logic in these stories, a logic not even noted by most of the readers of the works.

A different and seemingly unrelated version of the sun’s travelling vehicle from India is the chariot, here pulled by seven horses, in fact the Pleiades. This is seasonal and datable as the Pleiades reference applies loosely to the spring period circa 3500BC when the Pleiades rose circa 38 minutes before the sun and hence were seen to be 'pulling’ the sun over the horizon. While horses are a little imaginative, here we are moving toward an 'Earth in heaven’ concept and not as commonly portrayed the other way around, the heavenly sea and boats along with the pivot of the world are logical deductions given the limited amount of information available to the seers of the day. That they are illogical to us today is immaterial, they were derived from logical deduction and a limitation of knowledge.

By the time of the New Testament the whole pole star sequence of seven stars was known and it is replicated in The Book of Revelations under the guise of kings, some fallen some standing. Of course by this time religious fervour had overtaken reason, although some, such as the author of Revelations obviously were aware of the truth behind the tales. It seems certain that a succession of wise men, a small minority, perhaps a priesthood, handed down the original interpretations to successive generations.

Hence we see that a creator, later to become, via the machinations of human imagination, God, was a necessary part of ancient science and originally, definitely not religion. These people were logical and developed some sound philosophies, in many ways they were very clever; the Indian sages laid the foundations of the science of today [see Measurements of the Gods].

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