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Science versus Religion (cont.)
By Harry Sivertsen & Steve Redman

Books by Harry Sivertsen & Steve Redman

Measurements of the Gods

Measurements of the Gods
ISBN 13:
ISBN 10: 1849140154

Deluge:From Genesis to Atlantis

Deluge:From Genesis to Atlantis
ISBN 13:
ISBN 10: 1849140146


Both Deluge and MOTG have been in the region of 25 years in the making. The principle researcher and author initially became interested in the origins of the British Imperial System and rejected the 'developed from Roman measuresí trotted out in history books, the odd volumes that managed to mention the subject, as unsound.

It was John Michellís work that initially set the research on its path, although admittedly this was not accepted until quite a body of supporting evidence had been accrued. These two books confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that John Michellís evaluation of the anciently accepted circumference of Earth, that which stood until the French evaluations for the metric system, was correct. Research into the flood story revealed that Bible utilised different measures to those evaluated by Michell. However, eventually a definitive set of measures emerged from this tale, and it was here that elements of time began to emerge as being highly significant. After a great deal of research and many years it emerged that counts of time played an essential role in these matters, an idea confirmed by Indian writings. The work had taken a very different direction to any dreamt of at its outset. Much of that which is seen today as being of religious origin is ultimately related to calendar counts derived from observational astronomy or what we can legitimately term science.

This lengthy, frequently tedious and frustrating but absolutely fascinating journey eventually came to an end and the culmination of that long trek is the two books described here which together detail the project Megalith, Masonry, Myth and Measure.

Available from the usual outlets and directly from the publishers, Completely Novel Ltd. where they can also be examined online. E book version for e readers and PC use will also shortly be available.

Harry Sivertsen and Stephen Redmanís qualifications for this investigative work are quite broad in that between us we hold degrees in Electrical Engineering, IT, Archaeology, History and Religion.

Harry, the primary researcher and analyst of this unusual duo, is a retired carpenter with a long standing interest in the histories of building development, measures origination, religion, myth, history and early astronomy. His BA degree studies as a mature student related to history and religion. Harry, assisted by his architectural technician wife Gillian, commenced this investigation over 25 years ago and since 2000 he has had the assistance of IT engineer Steve in the presentation and background historical research of both Deluge and Measurements of the Gods.

Steve is a former Telecommunications Systems Engineer and published author [technical works] who also holds a second degree in his lifelong interest, Prehistoric Archaeology.

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