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Is Sound Creating Crop Circles? (cont.)
By Freddy Silva

If sound vibrations are creating crop circles, is it not possible that they can arouse the individual at a spiritual level? After all, it's through music that whole human experiences are celebrated and carried from generation to generation. It is very probable that it is for this reason that the very shape of the human ear— more specifically the cochlea— is a spiral constructed according to the harmonic laws of tone, just as the same spiral is the primary form from which thousands of crop circles have sprung.

Music is a carrier for social change. The effects of Handel's music is believed to have reversed the state of morality in Victorian England, just as the anarchic overtones of Punk corralled disillusioned youth into fighting an establishment that held no tolerance for those who stepped outside its rules. The effects in peoples’ awareness after contact with crop circles is similarly documented: in 1990 a pictogram at Alton Barnes sported the shape of a trident, a symbol associated in many ancient cultures with transformation, and with creator gods such as Neptune and Shiva. Ironically, it was through exposure to this unique crop circle that millions around the world were transformed, just as images of crop circles today continue to enlighten the awareness of those who come into contact with them. If sound is one of the formative principles behind crop circles, it is not surprising that they are leaving psychological impressions on those whose antenna is extended and receptive to their tune.

© 1997, 2010. Extracts from the best-selling book Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles. For book details and further research, visit author’s site,

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