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Is Sound Creating Crop Circles? (cont.)
By Freddy Silva

Since this action (called vapor cavitation) creates local temperature increases of hundreds of thousands of degrees for a fraction of a second it is not now difficult to see how millions of gallons of groundwater disappear within the area of a crop circle, or why the plants attain a cooked, malty fragrance. Combine this with Levengood's discovery of microscopic blow-holes in the plants' cell wall pits (indicating the rapid boiling of water inside the plant), and everything starts to fall into place.

Infrasound is also capable of atomizing water molecules, creating a fine mist, and several farmers have described columns of mist rising from within newly-arrived crop circles.

Finally, vapor cavitation is accompanied by a sudden spark of light called ‘sonoluminescence’ This is caused by the production of electrical discharges as the water is ionized. The lower the operating frequency, the greater the effect, and 18 Hz is the lowest safety threshold below which the pressure formed by infrasound is known to produce disruption to chromosomes. Every summer, crop circle plants of every variety are sent for blind tests by Dr. Levengood, and some inevitably show unmistakable disruption to their chromosomes. Yet give him samples deliberately produced by field forgers and he'll find something remarkable — perfectly normal plants!

The musical scale, constructed on the harmonics of sacred geometry, and now found within the framework of crop circles, represents the mathematical structure of the soul of the world because it embodies the essence of the Universe. So it's no coincidence that a large percentage of crop circles can be identified with, and by, ancient cultures who to this day honour their histories through song and music, their healing rituals performed with sound. This relationship is applied in Buddhist mandalas, whose elaborate geometries are used to alter states of consciousness. Perhaps it is not by coincidence that crop circle designs mirror these intricate patterns, just as they bear an uncanny familiarity to Jenny's materializations of sound.

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