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Is Sound Creating Crop Circles? (cont.)
By Freddy Silva

Interestingly, ultrasound is capable of interacting with physical elements to such an incredible degree. It can be aimed like a light beam, and specific frequencies can be focused to cause certain kinds of molecules to vibrate while others nearby are left unmoved. The higher the frequency of ultrasound, the greater its ability to be directed. This requires frequencies in the high MHz range, such as those detected inside crop circles.

Readings generally hover in the vicinity of 260-320 MHz. However, just as the geometric complexity of crop circles continues to rise over the years so too do the frequencies inside them. This coincides with Jenny's experiments which show that a relationship exists between the rising complexity of cymatic geometries in proportion to the rise of dispensed frequency. In other words, the level of frequency correlates with the increase in design intricacy.

Such extremely high frequencies are known to affect states of awareness and consciousness in humans, and visitors in crop formations often report this. Such effects are traditionally associated with sacred spaces, stone circles in particular, and it is interesting to note that ultrasound has been detected at certain stone circles and standing stones in England.

When tuned in the MHz range, ultrasound prevents damage to sensitive tissue, so its healing properties are today used in the treatment of muscular ailments. Again, this mirrors the folklore of sacred spaces, and as far as crop circles are concerned, many hundreds of people have reported healings: one woman suffering from arthritis for 14 years was immediately cured of her condition after contac twith a crop circle, despite her being a skeptic; long-time sufferers of Parkinsonís stop shaking; one man with a retinal eye tumor, 99% malignant, saw the tumor shrivel away.

Below 20 Hz sound becomes infrasonic, and such frequencies are directly involved with biological processes, and here lies the direct connection to crop circles. When combined with high-pressure, the acoustic power of infrasound boils the water inside a cavity, in this case the water inside the plantsí stems. In laboratory conditions this action occurs in one nanosecond. As water heats it expands, and a close look at crop circle plants reveals tiny holes in their nodes where this superheated water has blown outwards. With a hollow cavity near the base, and the stems made subtle like molten glass by the heat, the now top-heavy plants collapse into their new horizontal position.

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