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First report: Inca Gold
In search of the ultimate sacred treasure

By Javier Sierra

Addendum: Four Important Discoveries

The geo-radar or ground penetrating radar (GPR) system has depicted a series of Incan structures in the subsoil of the Monastery of Santo Domingo that have become the priority target to excavate by their investigators. Some of the most significant are:

The tunnel

Figure 2

Between the altar and the first and second columns, about four meters down, the GPR, with its 200 MHZ antenna, has detected the presence of a cavity that goes across the church in the direction of the Plaza de Armas and Sacsayhuaman. One is able to see this structure in the lower left of the attached map of Cuzco. The distortion shown in white, in the center of the image is caused by the metal plate of the Order of Santo Domingo encased in the floor of the church.

The first temple

Beneath what is called the Temple of the Stars a curious structure has been discovered: at the same depth of the tunnel, they have found what appears to be the remains of an earlier temple. A confusing hodgepodge of straight lines were detected by the GPR at four meters below ground level. The experts believe they are stones pertaining to a pre-Inca area.

Ancient underground corridors

GPR's, most powerful antenna (400 MHZ) detected a series of arched structures beneath the side entry of the church that could pertain to the ancient underground passages accessing the Temple of the Sun. They found at a lesser depth than the tunnel and its eventual excavation would bring light to this the unknown area which could be the original perimeter of this important Inca Temple.

Copyright © 2001 Javier Sierra

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