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First report: Inca Gold
In search of the ultimate sacred treasure

By Javier Sierra

Bones everywhere

The work of opening the ground didn't begin until this past October 23. As a matter of fact, when it was finally decided to raise some parts of the flooring of the church, interpretations of the GPR readings were not yet concluded. There were thousands of radar images to be reviewed and analyzed and the Teledetection Department of Bohic Ruz could not keep up. Therefore, before the graphics revealed the existence of a tunnel underneath the altar of Santa Rosa, the decision was made to open flooring where is would cause the least interference with the religious services. That is, in the interior of the three localized crypts, and beneath the belfry in a chapel easily closed off from the faithful.

"We had one surprise after another," repeats Luis Peries, who is responsible for the security in the excavation areas, when he showed me a pit five meters deep which was excavated for the most part "with a paint brush." "All we did was lift the flooring and human bones began to appear." he said. "The ones beneath the belfry were in disarray, as if they had just been tossed into this place. The ones in the crypts appear to have been recently buried."

Many rows of plastic bags, classified and labeled, still wait in the choir hall of the monastery, until the bones can be dated properly. "Until we have the results of the Carbon-14 dating we cannot know to what time period they correspond" explained Anselm Pi. "For now, these findings are reduced to a strange ossuary, and a few Inca ceramic pieces of limited value. But the real excavating will begin in February", he advised. "It will be then when we not only enter the tunnel that starts beneath the altar of Santa Rosa, but at that point we will be able to prove if the legend of the Inca gold is true."

Anselm, however, shrugs his shoulders when he is asked what kind of objects he thinks he'll find. Neither he nor anyone else is able to know for certain.

Copyright © 2001 Javier Sierra

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