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First report: Inca Gold
In search of the ultimate sacred treasure

By Javier Sierra

The marvelous machine

This is state-of-the-art technology; an ingenious invention called 'Ground-Penetrating Radar' (GPR), capable of detecting objects and man-made structures up to twenty meters underground, due to a series of radio waves that pierce the ground as if they were x-rays, will soon begin unfolding surprising data.

"My main objective [in 2001] was, first to locate the crypt that I had visited in 1982, then, after that, make the subsequent excavations in the church," admitted Anselm Pi. "When we began our work [this last August] there were only three crypts in the church and none of my team this time was with me when I visited in 1982. Because I thought in 1982 there were four crypts, I believed my memory was not correct. However, when I studied a report that elaborated on UNESCO's reconstruction of the monastery in 1950 from the earthquake which destroyed Cuzco in 1950, I was convinced it was not a dream. The report catalogued four crypts in the monastery. But, where was the fourth?"

The systematic scanning by the GPR soon found the answer, next to the main altar in a corner known as the Altar of Santa Rosa. This machine with its three antennae, each set at an different frequency, revealed an unexpected find. "The graphics were significant," explained Jordi Valeriano, physicist for Bohic Ruz Explorer, as he viewed his monitor. "Beneath the altar of Santa Rosa, about four or five meters down, we located a cavity two meters wide that we believe can be the entrance to a great tunnel."

Anselm had no doubt that was where he had entered twelve years before.

Soon more discoveries followed. Beneath the floor of the museum GPR found Inca walls, drainage systems in the patio, remains in pre-Inca areas beneath the walls of what is called the Inca Temple of the Stars and some vaults now integrated within the monastery itself and some strategically placed within its enclosed area.

Copyright © 2001 Javier Sierra

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