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Second Report: An interview with Anselm Pi, president of Bohic Ruz Explorer

By Javier Sierra

The searcher of Avalon

Behind the technological investigation that is opening mysteries of the Incan past in Cuzco, is a dreamer. A man that, two decades ago, began an adventure on board a boat called Bohic Ruz, whose objective underscored the metaphysical: to find "Shamballa", the Avalon of the northern Europeans. There, Anselm Pi believes he will find still living the "mother culture" that so many explorers have looked for so zealously.

I had known Anselm Pi for more than a decade, through Andreas Faber-Kaiser, who was writer/director of the well known spanish magazine Mundo Desconocido, (Unknown World, now closed), and one of the best investigators of the unorthodox, that I have ever known. Back then, I admit, I didn't pay much attention to him. Then came 1988 and it had been a relatively short time since Anselm (who describes himself as one of the last explorers on the planet) had returned from an adventure that took him halfway around the world, which Faber had been privileged to witness.

Having begun five years earlier in 1983, Anselm Pi was about to conclude an odyssey that is now linked with the investigators of the Inca tunnels in Cuzco. On board a seventeen-meter long, fiberglass boat called the Bohic Ruz, sailing under a French flag, Anselm and six men crossed the Atlantic and into the Pacific through the Panama Canal, in search of what he calls "The Secret".

Today his investigation enterprise is called Bohic Ruz Explorer in memory of the boat. Anselm continues heading the Society as its President, with headquarters in Cuzco and Dallas.

-Everything really begins in 1980. Remember some weeks back in your Andean 'general headquarters' when I asked that you recall when you began? At that time I left my work as a director of my family's textile enterprise and began to consider the idea of leaving on a boat to explore. What I was searching for was 'Shangri-La', 'Shamballa' or 'Avalon', about which so many worldwide traditions talk. I believe this place really exists, and the way to find it is to achieve, ahead of time, an intimate condition of one who searches for it."

-And decides to take a long voyage, takes a boat and crosses half of the world....

-To be honest with you, the idea is never to return. But in this long voyage of nearly three years, I would find hints of the reality that I was searching for, and certain things would change.

-Are you trying to say that the Shamballa you were searching for left clues of its existence throughout the world?


-And what did Faber think of all of this?

-He knew of our final objective, as we had already agreed on the fundamental ideas. He even participated in some of our adventures during the stop-over of the Bohic Ruz in the United States that turned out to be longer than we had intended. Our original route was to have crossed the Pacific [to India after Peru], but something in Peru captivated us; that was when we finished that journey.

-What happened?

-Andreas arranged a meeting with Erich von Daniken, as a result of investigations that he was then carrying out. I wasn't very interested in being there, but the three of us has supper together and it was Daniken who advised me to visit Peru if I wanted to find what I was searching for. What is more, Daniken arranged to meet me in Lima to share with me some personal secrets. He told me that the investigation that I proposed wasn't possible to accomplish alone; but he believed that with a crew of experts, it could be accomplished.

-And so, what was is about?

-About 'the secret' that I am involved in now. Daniken took me to Cuzco and said that if I was able to solve the mystery that surrounds Sacsayhuman and Quenko (an area very near Sacsayhuaman) I would reach at last explanations of many 'secrets of the past'.

-Did he take you to the tunnels?


-Does that mean that the secret is connected to them?

-Yes...(with uncertainty) but then I had not yet established a relationship [with 'the secret'.], as it was Daniken who insisted I investigate without any idea of its importance. Thus I steered the boat with the entire crew toward Peru. We landed at Ancon where I organized an expedition in order to get to know the entire country. Using two jeeps, we went to Titicaca, Arequipa, Urubamba, Machu Picchu, the southern deserts, Paucartambo and finally, Cuzco. After having covered 25,000 kilometers I was aware that what we were searching for was, in effect, concealed by Andean tradition. I spent three years in Peru focused on the mystery of the tunnels, and soon began to consider this the bridge to what I was searching for.

-Then the tunnels are not your final goal?

-Absolutely not! I've already told you I am going to Avalon. It has to do with a little-understood concept, since it can never be found on the surface of this planet. This island of which so many speak, with all its symbolic riches is but a part of the language that encrypts the secret. In the same way that, even though the legend of King Arthur is located in England the secret is not from there. It was the same in Jerusalem, which is a reflection of the ancient city of Salem during the reign of Melchizedek; which is an 'internal' place that no one has been able to locate.

-You've been looking for this 'Avalon' for twenty years. Do you believe you are closer now to the 'secret'?

-Yes. It is very simple: if you make an 'hermetic' analysis of the planet, there are only three places where you get near this 'secret'. One site is Egypt; another is situated in Central Asia; and the last is located in South America. In Egypt, you can follow the clues of 'the secret' in its monuments; in Asia explorers like Nicholas Roerich touched on a latent tradition, but it is in South America where this reality is still alive. In the Andes, along that stretch of border that joins the zone of Cuzco, between Nazca and Tiahuanaco, is where 'the secret' will be found.

-And are these places your next objective?

-Of course. But that doesn't mean if we discover the tunnels, that 'Avalon' will be exposed. What I maintain is that the excavation of those kilometric tunnels is the only way to finally reach 'Avalon'.

Copyright © 2001 Javier Sierra

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