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Higher Consciousness Explains Many Mysteries of the Ancient Past (cont.)
By Joseph Selbie and David Steinmetz

The Vedas are, after all, spiritual tools, sacred writ. The verses of the Vedas are mantras whose purpose is to raise the consciousness of one who chants them. The verses of the Vedas express an intimate relationship of man and Divine. Yet at the same time they contain scientific knowledge – knowledge that is currently believed to be attainable only through sequentially developed mathematics, scientific instruments such as the telescope, and a rigorously applied methodology of experimentation.

According to Sri Yukteswar, in the most recent Treta Yuga (6700 BC to 3100 BC), during which the Vedas were composed, man was able to directly comprehend that everything is made up of ideas or thoughts. Treta Yuga man’s attunement to thought also made him highly intuitive – able to perceive truths without the need for the cumbersome process of experimentation.

If man possessed such awareness and comprehension in the ancient past then he would have had no need to use the tools of science as we understand them today. He would have perceived these truths directly through intuition. The “scientific” truths of the Vedas were perceived right along with spiritual truths – part of the same indivisible reality.

If such an explanation seems farfetched, let me offer you an interesting example of intuitively derived – and very precise – scientific information that was discovered intuitively around the turn of the twentieth century.

Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater, prominent members of the Theosophical Society conducted intuitive investigations into the nature of atoms. They compiled a large number of descriptions and drawings of what they observed while in deep trances. Their descriptions and drawings were quite detailed and complex – in fact more complex than the known facts of the day.

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