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Higher Consciousness Explains Many Mysteries of the Ancient Past (cont.)
By Joseph Selbie and David Steinmetz

Case in Point: Treta Yuga and the Vedas

The Rig Veda, a collection of over 10,000 Sanskrit verses, is the oldest known spiritual work in the world – and can be dated to as early as 7300 BC. The Rig Veda is the wellspring of spiritual knowledge for what we know as Hinduism and has remained so for over nine thousand years. The Rig Veda is in Sanskrit, in all likelihood the oldest language on earth – and to this day it remains the most precise and internally consistent system of communication in the world. Sanskrit’s structure and grammar have been studied by developers of computer programming languages in order to help them create programming languages free of ambiguity.

The Vedas were accurately passed down from generation to generation in India by virtue of an extremely methodical system of oral transmission which involved chanting each verse in ten different ways to crosscheck for integrity. It is believed that only two words have become corrupted in over nine thousand years.

Such an effective and elaborate system of oral transmission is amazing in itself, but more amazing yet is that there is a large body of astronomical, mathematical, and physical knowledge embedded in the Vedas, knowledge popularly believed not to have been discovered in Europe until the Renaissance and later. Contemporary scientists have found the following knowledge embedded in the Vedas:

  • The sun and planets are spherical.
  • Each of the seven colors of the rainbow carries a different amount of energy.
  • The sun is the source of all energy for life on earth.
  • The earth rotates around the sun.
  • The sun, earth, and other planets rotate on their own axes.
  • The earth’s rotation creates night and day.
  • The earth’s orbital path and axial tilt result in the seasons.
  • The poles have six-month-long nights and days.
  • The two tropics and the equator are separated by twenty-four degrees.
  • The earth has a slightly elliptical orbit.
  • The cause and timing of solar and lunar eclipses.
  • Because of its orbit around the sun, the planet Venus is both the evening star and the morning star.
  • The apparent movement of sun spots is due to the rotation of the sun.
  • As seen from the earth, the full rotation of the sun takes twenty-seven days.
  • The earth’s orbit around the sun creates a plane and on that plane are the twelve divisions of the zodiac.
  • The precession of the equinoxes.
  • The length of a solar year is 365.244 days.
  • The moon’s light is reflected from the sun.
  • The sun’s energy is generated by a continuous process at its core.
  • The sun is gaseous.
  • The earth’s surface is 70% covered by water.
  • The clouds consist of heat-produced water vapor, which in turn gives rise to rain.
  • The stars are “innumerable.”
  • The stars exist in collections (niharikas), or galaxies, which rotate around their own center points.
  • The earth and sun are part of a galaxy that rotates around a center point.
  • The physical world is made up of atoms.
  • The atoms have an internal structure resembling the solar system.
  • The symbol and concept for zero
  • The decimal system of notation
  • The concept of infinity
  • The concept of arithmetic progression
  • The concept and value of pi
  • The formula for calculating the area of a circle
  • The concept of a number up to 1018
  • The theorem of diagonals (the Pythagorean Theorem)
  • The means to determine square roots and cube roots
  • The concept of negative numbers
  • The concept of algebraic equations using letter symbols for unknown quantities
  • The conception and expression of quadratic and indeterminate equations
  • The geometry of the triangle, parallelogram, rectangle, and circle
  • The geometry of the sphere, cone, and pyramid

How does one explain this?

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