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Higher Consciousness Explains Many Mysteries of the Ancient Past (cont.)
By Joseph Selbie and David Steinmetz

Common to this explanation as it comes to us from the ancient past is the notion that man’s consciousness goes through a cycle of development, that man’s awareness, perception, and abilities advance and then decline in a recurring cycle. This concept has been a part of the traditional cultural lore of numerous cultures as far back as anyone can determine. Perhaps best known to those of us in the West is the ancient Greek description of descending ages – from the Golden Age, through Silver and Bronze and finally into the Iron Age. The tradition of descending ages exists throughout the world. In Giorgio de Santillana’s, Hamlet’s Mill, he explores scores of such traditions.

In India the tradition of descending ages is known as the yugas or the yuga cycle. (Yuga simply means “age.”) The yuga cycle, however, stands apart from the other traditional descriptions of the same phenomenon. Modern exponents of the yuga cycle, such Sri Yukteswar, whose description of the yuga cycle appears in his book “The Holy Science” written in 1894, offer both dates and explanations for cycle.

Sri Yukteswar provides specific dates for the beginning and end of each age or yuga. Moreover, unlike most traditions of descending ages, in which man is said to still be at the nadir of his development, Sri Yukteswar states that man reached his nadir in 500 AD – but since then he has begun to advance once more – as you can see in the diagram below.

The Cycle of the Yugas

Perhaps even more important for explaining the ancient past than the specificity of dates is Sri Yukteswar’s description of man’s consciousness in each yuga. His clear description of ancient man’s consciousness and abilities may well allow us to finally understand some of the most enduring mysteries of the ancient past.

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