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Gregory Sams, Author of the Month for September 2009

Bring back the Sun! (cont.)
By Gregory Sams

Recognition of the Sun and other stars as living beings changes the way we look at everything, not just galaxies and a Universe awash with them, but at all else down to subatomic particles and up to light itself. Could there be similarities on different scales between the 100-billion+ neurons in own brains and the 100-billion+ stars in our galaxy, all of them sending electromagnetic signals in the direction of their neighbours? How do molecules of water become a thundercloud hurling bolts of lightning earthwards? Can a tree be tickled by the ripple of a breeze; an ocean know its currents' flow; a mountain feel its majesty? How could clouds of hydrogen and helium atoms assemble into something as complex and finely tuned as a light-producing star?

Could energy have been the original raw material of matter, and is it energy that holds it all together - is it, too, the architect? For us, it is energy that provides the spirit of life. Without energy we do not live or think. Without energy there is nothing that we call living left. Yet we are brought up with the assumption that it is us who brings the life to energy, and not the other way around.

Why do so many of our linguistic expressions for intelligence rely upon light-related words, using phrases and terms as we shed light on the matter, enabling us to see the light, after which we may be illuminated on the subject, in the light of the brilliant new insights gained from the dazzling ideas of the bright author of an article on enlightenment? Isn't it delightful.

Why are there so many questions? Perhaps it is because we are curious. An open and curious mind drove and directed me along the journey of seven years that was the writing of Sun of gOd. The solar path led in many directions, illuminating an unexpectedly coherent whole as the book progressed. Within its pages the dogma has been stripped from science and the faith removed from religion to reveal the compatibility of ancient beliefs with cutting edge science.

Relieved of its unfounded anti-spirit prejudice, science can help us to recognize a Universe that is designed from the bottom up, not the top down. This Universe is intelligent and well designed without needing an Intelligent Designer pulling all the strings behind the scenes. Sun of gOd underwrites the ancient wisdom of "All is One" in a refreshing and up-to-date manner, neither rejecting science nor relying on revelation to make the point.

Today's marvellous technology enables us to probe the far reaches of the Universe and to wonder on the mysteries of matter at a quantum level. Yet we have still to rediscover the most elemental aspect of our Sun, the most important character in our lives, even though no technology is required. Like us, it is alive. And the knowledge of that improves forever our relationship with the Universe.

Gregory Sams

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