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The Drugs Problem (cont.)
By Gregory Sams

Prohibition Through The Ages

16th Century - Coffee banned in Egypt and supplies of coffee burned - use spreads rapidly

17th Century - The tsar of Russia executes tobacco users

c.1650 - Tobacco prohibited in Bavaria, Saxony, Zurich; the Ottoman sultan zealously executes smokers to no avail.

1736 - The Gin Act fails to halt consumption in England.

1845 - New York bans the public sale of liquor - repeals law two years later.

1875-1914 - 27 states and cities ban opium smoking-consumption increases sevenfold.

1914 U.S. - Congress passes Harrison Narcotics Act controlling opium and coca derivatives.

1914-1970 - Congress passes 55 laws to strengthen Harrison Act

1918 - Special Committee studies Harrison Act effects - widespread smuggling and increased use of narcotics - and calls for stricter enforcement.

1919 - Prohibition laws ban alcohol consumption in USA - consumption doubles.

1919-1933 - Use of marijuana, ether, and coffee increases.

1924 - U.S. Congress bans heroin completely-and heroin replaced morphine in blackmarket

1937 - First U.S. Federal law passed against marijuana use.

1949 - Law enforcement crackdown on non-prescription barbiturates - use increases 800% from 1942-1969.

1958 - Soviets raise alcohol prices 23% to reduce consumption - policy fails.

1959 - Concerted campaign against glue sniffing begins - causes "a boom in cocaine smuggling" by 1969.

1962 - The FDA stops legal production of LSD - LSD use skyrockets by 1970.

1965 - Amphetamine use crackdown further stimulates importation of cocaine.

1968 - Campaign against marijuana use among troops in Vietnam prompts growing heroin use.

1969 - New York city arrests 9000 more for drug use with no impact on drug availability & use.

1971 - All-out campaign against heroin use in Vietnam fails.

1971 - 900 pounds of heroin seized in New York City has no impact on price.

1971 - President Nixon declares drugs "America's public enemy No.1"

1972 - U.S.A. passes a $1 Billion anti-drug bill.

1973 - Rockefeller passes another tough anti-drug bill in New York

1973 - President Nixon declares "We have turned the corner on drug addiction in America."

1973 - Singapore sets death penalty for drug trafficking - a few years later a drug official admits that "Heroin seems to be more widely used than ever."

1977 - Bar Association concludes that Rockefeller Bill has had no effect on heroin consumption.

1980 - 300,000 youths in Malaysia estimated to be using illegal drugs.

1987 - Malaysia's 12-foot high security fence along border with Thailand fails to stop drug traffic.

1987 - Soviets increase penalties against moonshining in bid to lower alcohol use.

1987 - Soviet legal alcohol production down 30%; moonshining up 40%; home-made wine production up 300%; 200,000 prosecuted for illegal home brewing.

1988 - U.S. Senate adds $2.6 billion to federal anti-drug efforts.

1989 - Ronald Reagan declares victory in War on Drugs as being his major achievement

1989 - U.S. Secretary of State reports that the global war on narcotics "is clearly not being won."

1990-1997 - America exports its war on drugs worldwide - drug consumption increases worldwide. How long must this continue???


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