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Mystical 2012: The Triple Rebirth of the Sun and the Triple Rebirth of You
By Thomas Razzeto

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Mystical 2012: Did the Maya Shamans Discover a Mystical View of Reality?

Mystical 2012: The Triple Rebirth of the Sun and the Triple Rebirth of You

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Thomas Razzeto

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I like to ask people the following question:

Do you want the message of 2012 to inform you or transform you?

Please keep that question in the back of your mind as we explore all the ideas in this article. Also, please check all preconceived notions at the door. That’s right. If you have heard other ideas about 2012, either about the astronomy or what the message is supposed to be, please put those ideas aside for a while. You can certainly pick them up again later, if you wish. With that, let’s get started.

The Astronomical Seed of the Maya Calendar

About three thousand years ago, the people in La Venta in southern Mexico were watching the stars and planets very closely. Since Sirus is the brightest of all the stars, they decided to construct a temple to honor it and they pointed the temple to the exact location on the horizon where the star rose from. Although they could not see the star rise every night throughout the year, on the nights that they could see it, this star would not disappoint them; it always rose from the same point on the horizon. But gradually, over many years, this location shifted very slightly. After about seventy years, the location was clearly not the same as it was before. What had changed?

The very slow wobble of the earth, which astronomers call “precession,” had shifted the rising point of all the stars and the ancient astronomers became so interested in this constant, gradual shift that they began to track it carefully. By the way, the temple was taken down and rebuilt so that it again pointed to this rising star. It is the work of archaeologist Marion Hatch about the rebuilding of this temple that gives us this evidence that people in Mesoamerica were carefully tracking precession, along with the stars and the planets, three thousand years ago. This is the astronomical seed of the Maya Long Count calendar.

The Mystical Seed of the Message of 2012

At that same time, the shamans in the region were engaging in psychedelic rituals via various hallucinogenic substances including mushrooms and the psychoactive chemical excreted from the poison gland of the Bufo toad. In this way, each shaman had a direct, personal experience with what they called “the invisible world,” “the unseen world,” or “the underworld.” These experiences may have included what we call out-of-body experiences, communication with spirit entities and other paranormal experiences, and these experiences were not discounted as less real than our ordinary world; they were fully respected and held as sacred. The psychedelic experiences with the Bufo toad provided the mystical seed for the message of 2012. This is what transforms 2012 into “mystical 2012.”

Astronomy and Mysticism Come Together in the Maya Calendar

The way that these two things were blended together is very important. The knowledge of the astronomy and the wisdom from psychedelics each developed for over a thousand years and then they were merged together in the creation of the Maya Long Count calendar about two thousand years ago. The stone monuments that we find in the sacred ceremonial site in Izapa, Mexico, the birthplace of the Maya Long Count calendar, support the idea that astronomy and mysticism are the two most important concepts pointed to by the calendar.

This article will go into a little of the astronomy so that you can quickly and easily understand how the astronomy connects to the deep, mystical idea of rebirth that comes to us in the message of 2012. But don’t worry; this is more like art than astronomy! You can do this! (For those who want more astronomy, please see my website. Perhaps you might start with “Why the Maya Picked 2012” [article, YouTube].

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