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Did Extraterrestrials Create the Maya Calendar? (cont.)
By Thomas Razzeto

The Astronomy Is Being Used To Point to a Timeless Metaphor of Rebirth

Again, this is what will be in the sky right over the Maya on this special day. It is very clear that this astronomy is being used as the foundation of the Maya's most important metaphor: the metaphor of transformation and rebirth. Indeed, it seems to me that the metaphor of transformation and rebirth is the Maya's favorite subject! And it is extremely important to note that this rebirth metaphor and the astronomy that it is based on are symbolically carved in stone in the Maya's sacred ceremonial site in Izapa, Mexico, the birthplace of their Long Count calendar. This can only mean that these things are held in the highest regard.

And yes, I cannot emphasize enough that it is my opinion that the importance of this astronomical event is as a metaphor, not as something that will cause anything unusual to happen to us, either good or bad, physical or spiritual. I know that many 2012 researchers claim that something important is going to happen to us in or near the time of 2012 but I simply don't see the calendar as pointing to something that is literally predestined, other than the astronomy. Metaphors were much more important to the Maya because metaphors, not literal stories, were used to convey spiritual beliefs. This special day contains an astronomical symbol of transformation and rebirth, yet 2012 is not the time when this rebirth will happen to us. This transformation happens for each of us individually when our personal circumstances are favorable for that awakening.

If I write a poem about enlightenment and spiritual awakening and use the sunrise as a metaphor since that is the event that fills our dark world with light and we are all awakened from our physical slumber, the poem should be taken as a reminder that spiritual awakening is possible in a general sense. It certainly should not be understood to say that we are all going to become enlightened during the next sunrise, although that may happen. If people focus on the event of the sunrise because they think enlightenment will happen because of that event, they will have missed the point of the poem. The same thing is true for the sacred triple rebirth of the sun in 2012. It is a reminder that we can all awaken to a new spiritual level at any moment. Focus on the concept of spiritual rebirth, not the time of the event that was used as the basis of the rebirth metaphor.

So even though I don't think that the Maya believed that the astronomy was going to cause anything unusual to happen, they still found it to be extremely important metaphorically. The core meaning of this metaphor is what captured the attention of the Maya 2,000 years ago, not merely the time of 2012, which was too far away from them to be relevant.

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