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Did Extraterrestrials Create the Maya Calendar? (cont.)
By Thomas Razzeto

One Thousand Years of Observational Data Is the Key!

Going back to our first astronomical problem, that of the length of the year, we see that the Maya were not trying to directly measure the length of one year to within a certain number of seconds per se, they were simply counting the number of days from one winter solstice to another winter solstice many, many years later. If they did this for over a thousand years, it would be fairly easy to calculate the exact number of days until the winter solstice of 2012. This approach is extremely precise.

Our other two astronomical problems also become very manageable when we take into account the knowledge obtained from a thousand years of observation. The amount of shift due to precession required to place the sun in the middle of the dark rift on the same day as the winter solstice is just twice the amount of shift that had been observed during the previous one thousand years. And predicting the positions of the other planets as seen from earth would also be possible since their rhythms would be known to a very high degree of accuracy.

Given one thousand years of observational data, the Long Count calendar does not need extraterrestrials to explain its existence. When John Major Jenkins was asked directly about this subject during an interview on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, John stated that the ancient Mesoamericans created the calendar on their own without assistance from ancient Egyptians, other advanced humans or extraterrestrials. While I think that John has always held this view, I was a bit skeptical initially since I did not realize that these people had so much data available to them. But what we have found in the archaeology and astronomy is that ancient naked-eye sky watchers could have indeed created this calendar. Taking all the evidence into account, it is my opinion that the calendar was created by these brilliant ancient people, not extraterrestrials.

Well, that concludes this essay. You should now have an excellent understanding of why the Maya created the calendar and how much precision was required to do so. And even more importantly, you should also understand how their long-term observational data made it possible. I hope you have found this essay informative and thought provoking. You can find more of my work at

Important End Note: At this point, you might be very surprised to find out that I really do find the “ancient astronaut theory” to be very interesting and worthy of a thorough, unbiased investigation. But that is a very complex topic full of many pitfalls. What I have put on the table with this essay is my opinion that extraterrestrials were not needed to create the Maya calendar. This does not mean that I have proven that the ancient astronaut theory is false or that I am closed to the idea in general. It only shows the reasons why I hold the opinion that ETs did not create the Maya calendar.

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