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The Starchild is out of this World (cont.)
By Lloyd Pye

That glorious day is now expected to be sometime in 2010. It could be as early as 2009, but the best guess now is 2010, give or take a few months. Inasmuch as we have already endured eight years of this interminable wait, two years more does not seem so daunting. In fact, as I have started to say when asked, I think that after what I've been through in the preceding eight years, I can do two more standing on my head in a deep mud puddle.

Today. Upside down or upright, we can settle into the two-year wait secure in knowing every indication of numerous conclusive scientific tests strongly suggests that we will ultimately prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the Starchild skull belonged to a being who was a product of mating—whether natural or in vitro—between a human mother and a father who was surely something other than entirely human. But will that make him an "alien" in the extraterrestrial sense of the word?

As with Neanderthals, it will depend on where his genome falls in relation to normal humans. Will it be fractionally different, or as much as 1%? Or how about 2%? Or 3%? Certainly that would make him as alien as E.T., and the Starchild's incredibly different physiology and morphology certainly points in that direction. All we have to do is be patient, lay our bets, and wait.

Anyone interested in pursuing the whole story is welcome to contact Bell Lap Books at or your usual book source outlets.

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