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Henry Hudson in a Time of Prophecy (cont.)
By Evan Pritchard

In the book, a troubled young warrior, confused by all the bloodshed, goes to a wise elder named Firefly, for good counsel. He asks who will win the battle? The invaders who will stop at nothing to conquer the innocent? Or the heroic rescue workers who give all to save the lives of others?

The elder answers, “The one YOU let get to you!”

In other words, it’s all about you, it’s your spiritual test. This world is your classroom. Make the most of it. You can tip the outcome either way.

When I wrote those words one year ago in the summer of 2009, I had no idea of what Goldman Sachs was up to, but now that the news is out, it fits perfectly. They too are part of a divine plan, “doing God’s work,” setting up the school where we get to learn. It is up to us what we do in response. Do we join in, like so many Machiavellis, or do we speak out, as the Wappingers here did on October 1st of 1609, in protest of Robert Juet’s deeds, on the eve of a new era?

We too may be on the cusp of a new era. Let’s tip the balance in the direction of fairness and justice, of love and tolerance. Let us face these challenges without fear and manipulation, without lies and stealth, which the Lenape call Loo-way-woo-dee, the black box derivatives of a heart that has lost its way in the storm.

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