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Henry Hudson in a Time of Prophecy (cont.)
By Evan Pritchard

On August 10th, of 1608, there was an eclipse centered over the Sargasso Sea which was also visible from Jamestown, Virginia, and recorded by John Smith. On September 11th of that year, John Smith became president of the colony and began to make ambitious changes, ones that were soon to result in disaster for both natives and colonists. On that same day, there was a rough alignment of both solar and lunar calendars, marking the end of the first half of the seven fires cycle, and the center of the “double diamond,” or fourth cycle.

One lunar year after the Jamestown eclipse, (383.89765 nights altogether) Henry Hudson’s ship the Half Moon, entered into what we call Delaware Bay. With the possible exception of Verrazzano who stood on the beach at Staten Island for a day in 1524, it was the first time a white man had entered deep into Lenape territory in known history. One solar year after the alignment [of solar and lunar calendars, the middle of the “double diamond,”] September 11th, 1609, Henry Hudson stepped onto Manhattan Island, at the place we now call Ground Zero. The following day was his birthday and the first day of the new year, according to this reckoning. Nineteen days later, violence finally broke out between the races, violence which flared up with even greater heat the following day. That violence was apparently against Hudson’s wishes, judging by his “toast” the following day back at Ground Zero, however it marked the beginning of an era of conquest and exploitation north of the Mason Dixon line that continues to this day. A slim sliver of a crescent moon, similar to the carved one attached to Hudson’s own ship, was visible in the sky that night, marking the end of the first lunar year after the great alignment at the half way point of the great cycle. It was October 1st, 1609. In other words, it was the last possible day that anyone could have considered as part of a “year of watching for signs and omens” after the great alignment. And that was stretching the point by a few hours.

According to this reckoning, the end of the Seven Fires cycle was September 11th, 2000, just before the American election which so divided the country. The most important of the “years of watching for signs and omens” began in earnest, for it would portend of what was to follow in what the prophets called “The Eighth Fire,” a possible period of time, possibly another 784 years, which could begin an era of peace and understanding, or the total destruction of all human life. On the last day of that first solar year was the attack on the Twin Towers. The end of the lunar year approximated with the build up to warfare in Afghanistan.

This essay only deals with the mathematical and numerical aspect of the Seven Fires Prophecies, not the wisdom teachings or actual predictions involved. For that information, one will have to read Henry Hudson and the Algonquins of New York. Readers will want to know, “who wins this battle between darkness and light that seems to emanate from downtown Manhattan and engulf the world?”

Indeed, since the book was published, this question has been underscored by the amazing incidents surrounding Goldman Sachs and the directly related threats to the economies of not only Greece, but Portugal, Spain, Holland, England, Ireland, Italy, and Belgium, to name a few. It is remarkable that Goldman Sachs’ main office in New York is built on top of the Kapsee Indian Village site, whose citizens went running gaily down well-groomed trails to greet The Great Floating Bird, which was what they called The Half Moon, on September 11th, 1609. No historian can gain access to that site except through the written permission of Goldman Sachs, accompanied by armed guards, so I’m told. Ironic that these same countries were involved in the development of a Europeanized New York; Italy brought Verrazzano, England brought Hudson, Belgium brought Minuit, Holland brought Stuyvesant; Ireland brought Boss Tweed; Portugal brought Queen Isabella and Spain brought Columbus. Who will be victorious in this battle for survival that Hudson started?

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