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The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic
By Jonathan Talat Phillips

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The Electric Jesus

The Electric Jesus

US - UK - CA

Phillips, Jonathan Talat

Please join us in welcoming Jonathan Talat Phillips as November 2011 Author of the Month. Jonathan is co-founder of the web magazine for transformational culture Reality Sandwich and the social network, coordinating 40+ Evolver regional chapters. He is creator of "The Ayahuasca Monologues," founder of the NYC Gnostics, and has a Bioenergetic healing practice in NYC.

The Electric Jesus is Jonathan's first book. It chronicles his journey from being a defeated counter cultural activist to unwittingly embarking on a mystical journey involving ayahuasca ceremonies, prankster spirit guides, kundalini awakenings, extraterrestrial encounters at Burning Man, and miraculous energy healings, which expose him to an international movement trailblazing visionary ways to heal our world. Phillips delves into his own Christian background, discovering the lost rites of the mystery schools and their secret "electric" messages concerning personal and global transformation. Graham Hancock wrote the introduction to the book.

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Gnosis: The Not-So-Secret History of Jesus

In December 1945, during the tail end of the most devastating war in human history, a peasant named Mohammed Ali of the al-Samman clan stumbled upon an earthenware jar near limestone caves in the deserts of Upper Egypt. He feared an evil djin (genie) resided inside, but hoping for lost riches, he still opened the jar. To his disappointment, twelve ragged leather-bound codices fell onto the ground. He didn’t realize these 1,200 weathered pages contained a priceless treasure with dozens of lost Christian gospels that had been hidden away for 1,600 years. Mohammed carried them home to his mother, who kept warm throughout the night by feeding pages of what we now call The Nag Hammadi Library to her fireplace.

These fifty-two texts, with titles like The Gospel of Thomas, Secret James, The Gospel of Mary, The Origin of the World, The Gospel of Philip, Secret John, and The Sophia of Jesus, showed that first-through-fourth century Christianity was much more varied than previously thought, comprised of diverse sects claiming “secret knowledge” of heavenly realms. Modern scholars now label these texts as “Gnostic,” since they lay out an initiatory process for candidates to overcome the “forgetfulness,” “drunkenness,” “blindness,” and “sleep” of the illusory world in order to access gnosis, direct experience or personal revelation of a divine reality.

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