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Atlantis and Egypt (cont.)
Two Poem Cycles by Linda Pearce

The Egypt Poems (cont.)
By Linda Pearce


This is the day of my initiation
I am spiced like cinnamon
I smell the sweet tree of the life-line
I ride the currents of the sugared wind
I see the smoky spell before the lines are drawn
I am commanded to see
with the eye which looks within
I gaze at larger worlds
at greener greens
I see the way I know
that colour smells
Spun around me from the ether is my robe
and threaded with the lines of force I weave;
for my sisters I bear the weight of this gown
my surrogate for skin
I feel upon my skin the coming change
there are no words
I open from within
I feel the flame that has no heat,
burning in the chandelier of time
I see without my eyes,
blinking my way past the image on the retina
my tongue is still I have been taken into the heart of matter
and left upon the altar of the soul. I move
I flow like quicksilver down my own channels
into the rapture of the Matrix.

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