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Atlantis and Egypt (cont.)
Two Poem Cycles by Linda Pearce

The Egypt Poems (cont.)
By Linda Pearce


I am the Movement and the Mover
I apply the force of my will to the material universe
and on the fulcrum of my own existence
shift the world on its axis
those who walk the earth are made by me
but even more than that, they are made FROM me
from the same substance that I am they are
I send them up the shadow-wall until their birth
when bursting forth they open up their eyes to see my light
I perpetuate all things: I steady my attention
on each atom of the cosmos, focussing my All on its affairs;
if I should slip, each atom each bird each human
would slide back into Me the endless ocean of Me
I sit at the feet of my own creatures
I love to see their faces, pulse their hearts,
dream their dreams and live with them their lives.
I love to see their eyes and hear their ears
I set myself a space wherein my plan can unfold
in all its glory and steadfastness
in all its tenderness and love. They know not
wherein the plan they live
they gaze steadfastly at themselves
they call on me in my various manifestations
they pray to the light, or to the dark,
to Horus or to Set, to Isis or Hathor
to my sun-self Ra
they pray for themselves (little-knowing
that those are the only prayers I will not hear)
I am the stone in the pyramid
the bead on the necklace
the still pool of the oasis
I am floodtide and famine
light and dark
life, death and the afterlife
the temple and the idol and the screen
I am the goddess
who is nurturing the god
who nurtures all.

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