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Atlantis and Egypt (cont.)
Two Poem Cycles by Linda Pearce

The Atlantis Poems (cont.)
By Linda Pearce


Prothemia watches while the buzzards sing
their joy in the passing of all living things;
they crowd the courtyard, thrustle through the tombs,
elbowing each other with their wings.
And yet she feels no horror at this sight,
nor pain in knowing that lives pass,
are over, finished, gone. Her firm belief
is woven through her cells.
Something else may come of this.
For Atlantis to return requires us all,
those souls who lived those times before,
to meet again, to recognize, to face
and turn about, and work as one
to build Atlantis here.
I send my words to you,
and I expect that you shall send them on
till I receive them back, charged up
by such another citizen of time
who still remembers how the world should be.
So many left, and now so few return;
we must remain the core of those who know,
rebuilding links to beauty with our minds.
After ten thousand years we’ve come
to reinvent Atlantis in our time.

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