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Atlantis and Egypt (cont.)
Two Poem Cycles by Linda Pearce

The Egypt Poems (cont.)
By Linda Pearce


I mark for you the benefits of death
for you who fear your timely end
I mark your meaning in this place
your place apparent as you deem it to be life.
You mark the benefits of life
the place you know
defaulting the thrust of the question
that follows you, intent, into the afterlife.
Misled by some internal justice
you are sure that your desserts
are still more life
but your body teaches otherwise.
I draw from you with iron hook your soul
so magnetized to earth it resonates, your soul,
and settles on its path to its true home.
You swing to your polarity
finished with the sway of life on earth.
I weigh your heart, Anubis standing by
I count your lies, enumerate your deeds
I read the book you wrote, I scan your soul
I mark for you the benefits of death
I lift my hand and mark upon the wall
the thing you know the thing you know by now
you always knew, the symbol for the benefits of death.
Waiting here for the scales to settle
the gods are lining up to greet you home:
sundered from themselves
earth torn from sky
Osiris torn by Set, yet
they’re whole here, in this waiting room
where Isis may assemble you, again.
I note for you your attachment to yourself:
until your heart shall ache for others’ pain
you shall not know, nor shall I mark for you,
the benefits of death.

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