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The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse
By Patrick Heron

For almost 5000 years, the Pyramids have asked more questions than they have answered. Many books have been written which have propounded incredible facts concerning their construction and their mathematical qualities.

Who built them? How did their builders acquire such mathematical and astronomical knowledge, and what advanced technology was used in their construction?

To simply say, “the Egyptians built them,” is not a satisfactory answer. For if man began at the Stone Age, progressed to the Bronze and then the Iron Age, we have the oldest pyramids popping up somewhere between the Stone and the Bronze Age.

Despite all the recent books written about them, the pyramids remain a conundrum wrapped in an enigma and surrounded by a paradox.

Yes, these authors have discovered and charted their astronomical significance. They have unearthed their geometric alignments and mathematical properties. And the conclusion they have reached is that some lost civilisation or race of advanced people was responsible for building these mammoth edifies.

But all these writers have one thing in common. They have failed to tell us who these people were and from whence they derived their knowledge and skills.

Buried in the ancient Hebrew texts, undiscovered and largely ignored by scholars, lies a wealth of information about a secret race of people known as the NEPHILIM.

Genesis chapter six verse four, contains a passage that has baffled commentators for centuries: “There were Nephilim in the earth in those days and also after that: when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them. These became the mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

The word Nephilim comes from the Hebrew word naphal, which means, “to fall.”

Thus, the Nephilim means “the fallen ones.” These were what you and I might call, fallen angles. Except, I do not like the word angel. For when one thinks of this word, often an image of a naked baby cherubim with a bow and arrow, comes to mind. Or, perhaps a glorious being with twenty-foot wings protruding from his back, and illuminated from behind by a huge spotlight. But when one studies the appearance of these beings throughout the ancient Scriptures, a different picture emerges.

For these people always appear as men. They dress like men. They eat and drink like men and have been mistaken as ordinary people. And, apparently, they can have intercourse with women. The difference is they are spirit men. We are flesh and blood, they are spirit; whatever that is. But because they are spirit, they are not constrained by the ordinary laws of physics as are we.

When these spirit men cohabited with human women, they produced offspring. But these were no ordinary offspring. They were evil and violent and great in size. And we are told that these people infected the whole human race at that time to such a degree with their evil and violence, that Yahweh wiped out everybody in what is called the Flood of Noah. (This story is retold in other ancient traditions such as the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Sumerian flood tragedy).

But you cannot drown spirit men. We are informed that these fallen angels are incarcerated in a subterranean prison known in the Scriptures as; the Abyss, the Pit of the Abyss, gloomy prisons; and once it is called Tartarus.

In the original verse in Genesis six, we are told that there were two incursions of these fallen angels with human women. For it says they were on the earth in the days of Noah, “and also after that,” i.e. after the Flood of Noah.

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