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The Case for Intent of Encoding Information Within The Geometry of Giza (cont.)
By Edward G. Nightingale

The base length of 343 ft is revealing in itself as the number 343 equals 7 x 7 x 7 = 343. This angle explains the reason for the angled wall structure to the South of Menkaure, the light blue line staring from point D, the intersection of the Phi ratio line and the green vertical grid line. Drawing the line West from D to E where it intersects the circle and East to G where it intersects with grid line creates the angle of the wall structure. Drawing a horizontal line from point E North to point F that is a grid line in the 9 x 9 square (not shown here for clarity) as well as the Southern base edge of Khafre to point H. An angled line in dark blue from point F to point G form the angle of 51.2647°. The mathematical equation for a pyramid with a base length of 343 ft and height of 213.796 ft is an angle of 51.2647° and a volume of 8,384,330 cubic ft. The key numbers here are three 7s.

The relationship of Menkaure to Khufu is it is 4/9ths Khufus height, 213.796 ft. The relationship to Khafre is shown above. The slope angle of Khafre 53.13° is the 5 division of the 3,4,5 Pythagorean triangle, this angle is divided into 5 equal units. At a 90° angle from the slope angle notice the short orange line intersecting the North East corner of Menkaure originating from the division of the 5 angle at 2 and 3. So the key numbers here are the 2 and 3. Let’s see how these numbers associated with “Menkaure is Divine” fit into our hypothesis of the 8x8 grid, 7x7x7 scale and 2 (doubling) and 3 (tripling).

I hypothesize that the pyramid of Khufu is expressing Pi, the relationship of the circle (of 9) to the square (of 8). Khafre is expressing the “Pythagorean” 3,4,5 triangle and connecting it with the 2, 3 division of 5 and Menkaure. Menkaure expresses 7x7x7 (343 = 7x7x7) and three 7s (7,997,790) and three 9s (7,997,790).Combining these numbers with the geometry, especially the angled wall to the South of Menkaure are very convincing and highly improbable of coincidence. Let’s now see how the Sphinx ties into this hypothesis.

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