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The Case for Intent of Encoding Information Within The Geometry of Giza (cont.)
By Edward G. Nightingale

“Menkaure is Divine”

Menkaure, the third pyramid I propose is designed to “bring together” the circle (9) and the square (8) while directing us to the 7 x 7 x 7, the (2) doubling and (3) tripling down and across the X and Y axis.

Let’s take a close look at the angles of Menkaure. First I want to note here that I use the two base lengths of Menkaure given as 343 ft and 335 ft by Mark Lenher in his book The Complete Pyramids which I believe he is getting from the Giza Mapping Project and is not available to the public as far as I know. The reasons I use his numbers are they fit exactly into a coherent, logical plan where the Petrie and Cole surveys seem to have difficulty in determining the exact corners of Menkaure due to its rough condition, it goes without saying I would love to have the GMP survey to corroborate this measurement. I don’t feel Mark Lehner would give the measurements as 343 ft x 335 ft without a good reason for doing so, and according to one of the engineers from the GMP it is accurate to a gnats eyelash.

The dimensions I use for Menkaure are as follows; base length #1 343 ft, #2 335 ft and a height 4/9ths of Khufu equaling 213.796 ft. With that being said, we focus on the upper left hand corner of our 8x8 grid. Using ¼ of the grid, a 4x4 we divide it at its Phi ratio point (the orange square with Phi division). Drawing a vertical line (in green) from point A using the first grid line in from the left to B where it intersects the circle, then a line from B to C create an angle of 51.922°. If we do the math for a pyramid with a base length of 335, a height of 213.796 we get an angle of 51.922° and interestingly 7,997,790 (three 7s and three 9s) cubic ft in volume. The key numbers here are the volume consisting of three 7s, and three 9s. Next let’s see what the 343 ft base length reveals.

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