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The Case for Intent of Encoding Information Within The Geometry of Giza (cont.)
By Edward G. Nightingale

The Pythagorean triangle

Following the same train of thought that specific numbers are encoded we look on our grid to see if the number 432 is on the grid and as we can see it is located at the 16 x 27 intersection with a secondary point at 8 x 54. Using musical terms, the main 432 is the 4th “note” and 3rd “interval” on a diagonal line of 7 “intervals” created by 7 “intervals” across the top and 7 “intervals” down the left side of the grid. An “interval” is the space between one “note” to the next, and the red dots are the “notes”. Several very interesting things are going on here, first the number 432 is on a point on the grid of 4 down and 3 over or 4/3, a Pythagorean 3, 4, 5, Triangle, this creates an angle of 53.13° degrees, the angle of the Pyramid of Khafre. There is a secondary number of 432 on the grid as well and is located exactly on the South Eastern corner of the pyramid of Khafre when the grid is overlaid on the plan view of the pyramid complex. If we draw the angled line from the 1 on the grid intersecting the 432 and continue to the 8 down and 6 across or 8/6 we have a very interesting number, 186624, it is 432 squared or 432 x 432 = 186624. This number is also very close to the exact speed of light, 186282 miles per second, I call it the Root speed of light. So we can see that the pyramid of Khafre is representing the Pythagorean 3,4,5 Triangle and creates a connection between the numbers 432 and 186624. We also have introduced three numbers to our grid, three 7’s. Let’s take a look at the number 7 in mythology and see if it relates to what we have found in our grid.

In Egyptian mythology there are 7 Hathors that have 7 jars in 7 tunics. Ra has 7 hawks representing the 7 Wise Ones. 6 cows and 1 bull represent fertility. There are 7 houses of the underworld, with 3 times 7 gates. The number 7 is the sacred number of Osiris. This mythology matches exactly what we have found on the grid, three 7’s. There are many references to the number 7 in all cultures and without much further discussion here we can feel certain that the three 7’s on the grid is very significant.

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