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The Case for Intent of Encoding Information Within The Geometry of Giza (cont.)
By Edward G. Nightingale

Locating Giza Image on the 8x8 Number Grid

Overlaying the 8x8 number grid over the Giza image reveals extremely interesting results. Take notice of the angled blue line beginning from the upper left corner of the 9x9 grid down to the Phi ratio division line at the bottom edge of the square. The line intersects an 8x8 grid intersection at 9 over at the top and 8 down the left side equaling 72 on the grid and at the exact center of our 1/64th square of 706.554 ft at 48 down and 54 across the top equaling 2592(0). If we consider the number 72 and 2592(0) as Root numbers of the Great year, 25920 years and 72 years for 1 of precession, we can use the number 144 to correct the Root to exact duration of years we currently are experiencing the rate of precession expressed in this equation: 25,920 144 = 25,776 360 = 71.6 years per 1 of precession!

Above is the measuring system found in the fifth interval scale. There are 3 intervals to arrive at 432; 7 also divide each interval. Starting with128 and ending with 432 there are 21 intervals (3 7s). There are three self-confirming equations to find the Root Cubit of 20.57142 using our numbers of 7, 8, 9, and 11, they are:
432 21 = 20.57142
432 288 = 144 7 = 20.57142
72 11 = 6.545454 x 3.142857 (Pi 22/7)= 20.57142

The number 648 one interval up the main scale from 432 can be divided to find the Royal Cubit by moving a decimal point one place; 648 3.142857 = 206.1818 to 20.61818.

Determining the Royal Cubit of 20.61818 from the Root Cubit of 20.57142 is accomplished with the following equation:

Adding the 440th part of 20.57142 to 20.57142
20.571428 440 = .046753245 + 20.571428 = 20.61818

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The Giza Template

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The equations in the graphic above I believe are what the original designers intended to encode within the Pyramid of Khufu. This in no way is stating that is the only function of Khufu, quite the contrary; I feel the encoded math, science and astronomical information are there to help us understand the real science and reason for constructing these enigmatic structures.

The intent of the original designers were multifaceted, I am pointing to one of those facets in the two articles I have submitted here for critique. There has been disagreement with some of the geometry to which I will state once again, the simple geometry will approximate and the encoded number system and mathematics allows the exact numbers to be determined.

I did not and could not have invented all of the information I have presented here; it was re-discovered by using simple logic, simple tools, and the simple truth, and that is exactly what I feel the builders intended.

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